Workplace Injuries by Industry and Type

It is vital for a company to do everything in its power in order to avoid workplace accidents and injuries. In failing to protect their workers, businesses can cause a

Managing Health Risks Within the Plumbing Industry

In 2019 Health and Safety Executive reported that 1.4 million workers suffered from an illness or injury that was caused within or by their place of work. For those in

Solving Student Stress: The Universities With More Mental Health First Aiders Than Any Other

Solving Student Stress

Going to university can be a challenging time. The pressure of work and looming exams, as well as meeting new people and dealing with fees and finances can trigger stress,

UK workplace death report latest data 2008-2018: These are the DEADLIEST jobs in the UK

Workplace mortality rates header

Workplace Health and Safety Training is more important than ever with workplace deaths continuing to occur with very little decline.  Because of this, we at CE Safety have analysed workplace

15 of the WORST jobs to have during a heatwave

London Underground Bank station

Bad news: even if temperatures sour above 40 degrees in the UK, you legally have to stay in work Britain’s summers are getting warmer and during a heatwave we can

Report: The Un-Usual Suspects – Main Causes of Choking Deaths in the UK 2019

Child with raspberries

Hundreds of vulnerable people, including children and elderly, choke to death every year – and hundreds more are rushed to hospital requiring treatment. It can happen quickly, and the effects

First Aid for the Elderly

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital has announced recently that they will be opening a dedicated A&E unit specifically for elderly patients over the age of 80. These patients make up

First Aid for Firework Injuries

The spectacular fireworks displays of Bonfire Night, or New Year’s Eve, are a high point of the year for many children, and for many adults too – just as they

Acid Attack Emergency Treatment

Data suggests that the number of acid attacks has doubled in the past three years in the UK, with more victims than ever requiring emergency treatment for severe burns caused

First aid in schools

With the old school year drawing to a close, and the new school year just around the corner, it’s worth taking time to look at the issue of first aid

How many fire wardens do you need?

fire awareness training

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005, and the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006 state that businesses are required to have a number of nominated and trained fire wardens on