Elf and Safety

manual handling training

It’s a common belief, held widely I fear,

That Santa Claus only works one day a year,

But preparing all of his Christmas resources

Takes months of training and specialist courses.


A complete risk assessment is done in the spring,

To make sure that they’ve thought of everything,

He’s doubly careful, and very precise,

He makes his list and he checks it twice


At his North Pole headquarters where presents are made,

His senior elves are all trained in first aid,

With so much snow around, it’s a risk to them all,

Though at least tiny elves don’t have so far to fall.


With so many presents in Santa Claus’ sack,

He has to make sure he looks after his back,

That’s why he takes Manual Handling Training,

To learn to lift right, and stop him from straining.


Santa carefully straps all his small helpers in,

“Elf and Safety”, he jokes with a laugh and a grin.

Then once it’s all packed he heads up to the sky,

You won’t believe how fast his reindeer can fly.


Rudolph leads from the front, like in popular fiction,

And his nose really glows with all of that friction

Fortunately, I am pleased to report,

Young Rudolph has trained for a hot work passport!


As he looks down the chimney, a fireplace glows,

But don’t worry, this is something that Santa Claus knows

On his fire marshal course, the jolly man learned

How to work around flames and not get himself burned.


Two hundred and twelve million miles later,

You’d think Santa would need a defibrillator,

But he just puts his feet up for a few days, and then

He starts the whole business all over again.


We hope that this small glimpse behind the scenes,

Has shown you what health and safety means,

So from CE Safety and everyone here,

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!