Welcome to CE Safety, the first aid training and health and safety training specialists. We provide a wide range of first aid training courses across the UK to support employers in meeting their legal requirements under current health and safety legislation. Our UK first aid training courses also help you to provide a safe and healthy working environment for your staff, as well as ensuring your customers, clients and other visitors are protected and cared for in an appropriate manner.

We can deliver our first aid training anywhere in the UK, either as open courses at local training venues, or better still, as inhouse training at your place of work. CE Safety can also provide complete fire safety training, including fire marshal training, along with a range of health and safety courses including manual handling training and COSHH courses.

Our highly experienced team of instructors who deliver the training have a variety of backgrounds, including the military and emergency services. Experts in their field, they have many decades of training experience between them.We deliver both Accredited and Certificated training to meet your business requirements in a highly cost effective way, which also helps you to meet your budget too.


First Aid Training

First aid training covers everything from minor accidents and injuries to major incident response. CE Safety delivers a wide variety of first aid courses, ranging from one day emergency first aid at work to comprehensive, three day first aid at work training. These professional first aid courses are designed to help companies to ensure that their appointed first aiders are fully trained in accordance with Health and Safety Executive guidelines, while at the same time delivering training in the most convenient way possible, to minimise disruption to the working week. Courses can be delivered in-house at your business premises, and tailored to the exact challenges and risks of your working environment.

CE Safety offers a range of first aid training aimed at those who care for young children, including specialist paediatric first aid courses, which comply with OFSTED requirements. We also deliver standard first aid training for schools, including 1-day emergency first aid training and 3-day first aid at work courses,both of which are HSE compliant. Most primary schools will require both types of first aid training, as children over 8 years of age are considered adults where first aid provision is concerned, while secondary schools will require just the adult versions of the first aid courses.

CE Safety can deliver AED defibrillator training as a stand alone course, as well as incorporating it into the content of the majority of our first aid courses as standard. We also deliver first aid training that is bespoke to specific client groups, creating a personalised syllabus, which covers all of the specialist knowledge required in your unique work situation, while still complying with the fundamentals of HSE approved first aid training. We deliver both accredited first aid training courses and certificated first aid training.

The majority of organisations in the construction sector require a full 3 day first aid at work course. This is due to the level of risks and hazards present on construction sites and the range of different injuries and accidents that appointed first aiders may be faced with.

Whatever the nature of your work, whatever the risks involved, CE Safety can provide exactly the first aid training you need, delivered on site in the actual environment in which it will be delivered. Most companies find that this makes the training far more pertinent and relevant for their staff than first aid courses delivered in a remote, academic training environment.

CE Safety can deliver first aid training at business premises across the North West, from coastal towns like New Brighton, Southport and Blackpool, to major cities like Manchester, Salford and Liverpool and smaller industrial locations like Runcorn, Barrow in Furness and Warrington.

By coming to your location, in-house first aid training removes the inconvenience of staff having to travel to a training centre, and allows the company to select a start and end time to fit with shift patterns. In house first aid training in the North West also allows companies to work with our training team to create a first aid course that is uniquely tailored to your training needs, including everything that is relevant to your environment, while not wasting time on anything that is not needed.

So whether you are a bakery in Bury, a shopping centre in St Helens, or a cinema in Chester, CE Safety can deliver the first aid training you need in a convenient, cost effective way, to help you meet your statutory obligations with ease and create a safer and healthier workplace that takes care of everyone involved.

We also provide information on whether you need a tourniquet as part of your first aid kit.


Fire Safety Training


Fire Safety Legislation

The fire legislation for workplaces (non-domestic) in England and Wales is the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO) which replaced/superseded 118 previous pieces of fire safety legislation.

A responsible person must be appointed by every business, to ensure that business complies with the requirements of the Regulatory Reform Order (RRO).

On average there are over 10,000 commercial fires in the UK every year.

One aspect the RRO legislation addresses, is staff training. Two main types of training have been identified. Fire marshal training ( fire warden training) and fire awareness training.

Responsibilities of a Fire warden

In the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which is applicable for non domestic workplace environments in England and Wales there is no mention of a requirement for Fire Wardens.

The RRFSO does however state in article 15 (b) ” nominate a sufficient number of competent persons to implement those procedures in so far as they relate to the evacuation of relevant persons from the premises”.

The role required of the “competent persons”, named in article 15 (b) of the RRFSO is generally carried out by people named fire wardens or fire marshals.

There are two roles or responsibilities of a fire warden. First, a day to day role in maintaining and ensuring fire safety measures are maintained in the workplace in accordance with fire safety legislation and company policy and procedures. Secondly, fire wardens have a role to perform on hearing or activating the fire alarm within the premises, For more information on the roles and responsibilities of a fire warden, take a look at our fire warden course page.

Fire warden training by sector

There are two main types of fire safety training CE Safety deliver, fire warden training and fire awareness training either of these can be delivered on site at your premises.  We can also deliver more specialist fire risk assessment training to groups of people:

The fire warden training we deliver is bespoke to the nature of the organisation. As an example we deliver specialist fire warden training to theatres around the UK which is governed by specific legislation.

We deliver both accredited fire warden courses and certificated fire warden courses.

Hot Work Passport Course, Hot Work Permits Training

For a specialised course in fire safety, to manage and control any hot works  involved in maintenance or construction activity, the 1 day Hot Work Passport course is a recognised as a safe way to control such hot works. This could involve use of oxy-fuel welding, such as propane or acetylene, grinding wheels/ discs, blowlamps, bitumen-tar boilers, electric welding. The course is a fire safety management course that covers hot work permits training, and wider fire safety issues around hot works. Suitable for both managers in charge of hot work activities and operatives.

Health and Safety Courses

We run a number of different health and safety training courses. The instructors are experienced in the course they are delivering and have in depth knowledge of their topic. The trainers are also interactive and invariably we get excellent feedback from delegates who attend our training courses. Our health and safety courses can be made bespoke to the clients particular requirements. Some of the courses we deliver are listed below:

The legislation that governs hazardous substances for the workplace in the UK, are the COSHH regulations. The Health and Safety Executives (HSE) state that employers must provide, information, instruction and COSHH training for people who work with substances which are hazardous to health, including cleaners and maintenance staff.

Its worth noting that there is an imminent change to the workplace regulations regarding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulations 2002. EU Regulation 2016/425 will directly apply in all Member States as of the 21st April 2018. Accordingly the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002 will become obsolete. There is a 1 year implementation period, so by 21st April 2019 all PPE manufactured after this date, must be compliant with the new legislation. This has been published in the Official Journal.


Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling is applicable to lots of different types of workplace. We ensure that the manual handling training is designed and delivered to suit the particular needs of your workplace activity.

We also deliver moving and handling of people training, where we will come out to your workplace. Manual handling of patients requires a complex risk assessment to preserve, both the safety and dignity of the patient and the safety of the member(s) of staff involved in the lifting operation. The basis of this assessment is a specific risk assessment of the individual needs of the patient

Training Locations

We deliver training across the UK with particular courses running in specific locations :

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, which is why we’ll work with you to deliver a course that suits your needs entirely – from course type to group size, even down to the venue where your training is delivered. Our ‘on-site’ training option is the most popular choice with businesses due to the convenience and cost-effectiveness that comes from having your training delivered at your place of work. However, if this isn’t suitable for your particular business, we’ll work with you to identify a venue in the local area that’s more suitable.

Browse through our training courses to find the option that’s right for you, use our handy location tool to source nearby courses that are already due to run or, if you’re not sure of what it is you require, get in touch – we’d be happy to help!

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