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First aid at Work refresher

You should choose this specialist course if your work involves physically moving people, for example working with the elderly in a healthcare setting.

You should choose this course as an employer to minimise the risk of injury to your work force, and to help your company or department to comply with the Manual Handling Operations Regulations.


Moving and handling of people, especially the elderly and disabled, requires specialist skills and training if you are to minimise your risk of personal injury. This course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to assess and reduce these risks when handling people, including ways to avoid lifting altogether, how to lift safely and the equipment that can be used to make the process simpler and safer.

Is the Moving and Handling of PeopleCourse right for me?

You should consider this course if you work in a job that requires you to lift and move people on a regular basis, such as a care home role or a role working with the disabled.

As an employer, this course will help you to fulfill your legal obligation to provide training to all staff who are involved in the movement of people. The course is especially suited to environments such as:

  • Residential and care home staff
  • NHS staff
  • Healthcare workers
  • Ambulance staff and paramedics
  • Home help and live in carers

What will I learn?

By attending this course, you will gain an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of movement and the mechanics of physical lifting. You will learn how to assess the risks when lifting and the techniques you can use to minimise these risks. You will also learn your personal responsibilities under current legislation, as well as the responsibilities of your employer.

What does the course cover?

The course covers a wide range of issues that are relevant to the moving and handling of people, including:

  • Back and spine care
  • Hazards in manual handling
  • Injuries from manual handling injuries and their causes
  • Assessing manual handling situations
  • Principles of safe lifting
  • Ergonomics
  • Mechanical aids, hoists and slings
  • Fitness
  • Manual Handling Operations Regulations
  • Working and communicating as a team
  • Sitting, standing and walking
  • Bed mobility
  • Lateral transfers


You can complete the course in one day, with six hours of training between 9.00am and 4.15pm, although these times can be varied, on request, to accommodate the shift patterns of nursing and care staff.

How am I assessed?

You will be taught in a very practical, hands-on manner and will be assessed as you go along to ensure you have the required level of understanding of each element.


Once you have successfully completed your training to the satisfaction of your instructor, you will be presented with a certificate which is valid for three years across a range of occupations.

Where is the Moving and Handling of PeopleCourse held?

You can choose to undertake your Moving and Handling of People Training at one of our many appointed training centres across the UK, or in house at your nursing home or other healthcare setting.

In-house training allows more staff to attend and gives you the opportunity to tailor the training to suit the specific demands placed on your team. Training in-house also allows staff to learn using the actual equipment they will be using on a daily basis, making the training far more applicable and relevant to their job.

In-house training is a very cost-effective and convenient solution to the training of multiple staff, and reduces the time away from the work environment. Training in-house in a healthcare setting can also mean staff remain available in case of an emergency, avoiding the need for extra shifts to provide full cover.

Cost for Manual Handling Training

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