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What is Food Hygiene?

Food hygiene refers to the measures and conditions necessary to ensure the safety of food from production to consumption. Proper food hygiene practices prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants, ensuring that the food we consume is safe and won’t cause illness.


What is a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate?

A Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate, often known as a Food Safety Certificate or Hygiene Certificate Level 2, is a recognized qualification in the UK that indicates an individual has completed training and has an understanding of basic food hygiene practices. This is vital for anyone involved in the preparation, manufacturing, or selling of food. Holding a Food Hygiene Level 2 certification demonstrates that an individual or business is committed to maintaining high standards of cleanliness and safety in their food handling procedures.


Why is Food Hygiene Training important?

For businesses involving food handling in any capacity, there’s not just an ethical, but a legal mandate to ensure food safety and hygiene. The Food Safety Act 1990 and Food Hygiene Regulations 2005 underline this obligation. The Level 2 course in food safety and hygiene fortifies your staff with both the theoretical foundation and hands-on skills essential for responsible food handling.


Who is required to have Food Hygiene training?

Anyone with job roles encompassing food handling – from preparation and manufacturing to selling – should be trained. This notably includes:

  • Chefs
  • School cooks
  • Workers in fast-food outlets and takeaways
  • Café personnel
  • Independent bakers

… and many others. While Level 1 certification targets those in the vicinity of food preparation or service, Level 2 is tailored for those directly engaging with food items.

This training will:

  • Familiarize your team with their legal obligations related to food safety.
  • Impart the right techniques for safe food handling, storage, and preparation.


Do I need to already have the Level 1 certificate?

No. The core principles covered in Level 1 are also addressed in Level 2. Thus, enrolling staff directly in Level 2 is efficient and meets all essential criteria.


Is Level 3 also necessary?

Regular staff typically don’t require Level 3. It’s more relevant for those in leadership roles like restaurant managers, catering heads, pub landlords, street-food vendors, and business proprietors.


What do you learn on the course?

On a Food Hygiene Course Level 2, participants delve into essential topics, including the principles of food safety, risks associated with mishandling food, and the best practices for ensuring food remains safe to consume. The training covers:

  • The importance of food hygiene and its impact on public health.
  • Identification of food safety hazards and understanding how foodborne illnesses occur.
  • Detailed understanding of UK food legislation and the responsibilities of food handlers.
  • Practical insights into the 4 Cs of food safety: Cleaning, Cooking, Cross-contamination prevention, and Chilling.
  • Case studies and real-world scenarios for practical application of the learned principles.


What does the course cover?

An introduction to food safety and hygiene

An overview of exactly why upholding food safety standards is so important. Topics covered include common terminology used and what each term means in plain English.

The science behind food hazards, contamination and illnesses

A run-through of different food-borne illnesses and their causes, with easy-to-understand science to illustrate how they work – from salmonella and norovirus to mycotoxins, parasites, pests and more.

Food legislation

A summary of food-related law that the UK has in place to prevent contamination and the development of food-borne illnesses, from harvesting right through to consumption. We will also outline the legal responsibilities of businesses and workers themselves.

The 4 Cs of food safety

Outlining the correct ways to approach the following:

  • Cleaning – ensuring surfaces and utensils are cleaned before and after
  • Cooking – making sure that all food is cooked thoroughly before serving, especially meat, poultry and fish
  • Cross-contamination – as in, preventing it, by washing hands properly, keeping raw foods away from cooked foods, using fresh surfaces and utensils as necessary and more
  • Chilling – letting cooked food cool down before refrigerating it (thereby preventing the development of harmful bacteria) and ensuring that foods are stored at optimal temperatures

The course breaks these elements down into great detail and provides staff with instruction on the approved methods for each.


How long is the course?

Typically spanning 2 to 3 hours, the duration may vary based on group size.


Is there an assessment?

A test concludes the course. Achieving a score of 75% or above is mandatory for passing.


Do we receive certificates?

All successful participants receive a printed certificate.


How long does the certificate last?

Although these certifications don’t technically expire, we advocate for a renewal every three years to stay updated with evolving standards and legislations. Some businesses might have specific recertification timelines, such as biennially.


Where are the courses held?

Our preference is to conduct sessions at your premises, offering a familiar environment for trainees with pertinent examples. However, if required, we also host sessions at our nationwide training centres.


How much is the course?

We are confident that we can offer you a competitive price for convenient, tailored safety training. Talk to our friendly team today on 0808 164 9690 and see how we can help you take better care of your team.

All prices exclude VAT.

Upcoming Food Hygiene Certificate Level 2 Courses

Course Name & Location Individual price Group price Duration Date

Food Hygiene Certificate Level 2 Training – Liverpool

Individual price: £195
Group price: £445
Duration: 1 day Date: 01/06/2024

Food Hygiene Certificate Level 2 Training – Newcastle upon Tyne

Individual price: £195
Group price: £445
Duration: 1 day Date: 02/06/2024

Food Hygiene Certificate Level 2 Training – Leeds

Individual price: £195
Group price: £445
Duration: 1 day Date: 03/06/2024

Food Hygiene Certificate Level 2 Training – Birmingham

Individual price: £195
Group price: £445
Duration: 1 day Date: 12/06/2024

Food Hygiene Certificate Level 2 Training – Bristol

Individual price: £195
Group price: £445
Duration: 1 day Date: 13/06/2024

Food Hygiene Certificate Level 2 Training – London

Individual price: £195
Group price: £445
Duration: 1 day Date: 14/06/2024

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