2 Day Paediatric First Aid Training

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Course Overview

Taking care of ill and injured children involves a special set of skills and techniques above and beyond those of the basic first aider. In just two days, the Pediatric First Aid course will teach you all you need to know about recognising and treating childhood illnesses, as well as dealing with accidents and injuries, until suitably qualified help can be sought.

The course forms an essential part of your qualification as an early years care provider.

You should choose this course to help you to qualify for registration as an early years carer, or to enhance your skills as a parent or grandparent who looks after young children.

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to deal confidently with a range of accidents, illnesses and emergency situations involving young children and babies.

This course is designed for you if you are actively involved in the care of babies and young children. This may be working in a formal role, such as a nursery, or taking care of your own children and grandchildren.

The course is especially suitable for you if you work in any of the following roles:

  • Teacher orschool ancillary staff
  • Nursery managers and staff
  • Playgroup leaders and supervisors
  • Local community staff and volunteers
  • Registered child minders

We also offer a one-day Pediatric First Aid course, with similar content, which may be suitable for you.

Upcoming 2 Day Paediatric First Aid Courses

Course Name & Location Individual price Group price Duration Date

2 Day Paediatric First Aid Training – Liverpool

Individual price: £295
Group price: £895
Duration: 2 days Date: 29/06/2024

2 Day Paediatric First Aid Training – Newcastle upon Tyne

Individual price: £295
Group price: £895
Duration: 2 days Date: 30/06/2024

2 Day Paediatric First Aid Training – Leeds

Individual price: £295
Group price: £895
Duration: 2 days Date: 01/07/2024

2 Day Paediatric First Aid Training – Birmingham

Individual price: £295
Group price: £895
Duration: 2 days Date: 10/07/2024

2 Day Paediatric First Aid Training – Bristol

Individual price: £295
Group price: £895
Duration: 2 days Date: 11/07/2024

2 Day Paediatric First Aid Training – London

Individual price: £295
Group price: £895
Duration: 2 days Date: 12/07/2024

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What do you learn on the course?

By taking this course, you will learn both the theory and the practice of pediatric first aid. This will give you the confidence and competence to deal with a range of illnesses, accidents and incidents that occur while caring for young children and babies.

The course meets the standards for Pediatric First Aid training, and is designed to link to the wider core skills of the early years foundation stage. It will provide you with a systematic approach to incident management, which will ensure that you act effectively, and in a way that complies with all relevant , NCMA and PLA policies and legislation.

What does the course cover?

On this comprehensive two-day course, you will learn a wide range of skills and techniques used in the care of young children, including the recognition and initial treatment of:

  • Illness recognition and management, including epilepsy, diabetes, allergies, asthma, meningitis, sickle cell and haemophilia
  • Unconsciousness
  • Infantile convulsions and febrile fits
  • CPR
  • Wounds and bleeding
  • Shock
  • Hypothermia
  • Broken bones and soft tissue injuries
  • Burns and scalds
  • Poisoning
  • First aid kits

How long is the course?

You can study Pediatric First Aid, with six hours per day of training between 9.00am and 4.15pm.

Start times can be varied to match your schedule and accommodate your own childcare responsibilities.

Is there an assessment?

You will be continuously assessed throughout the course to ensure you have mastered the relevant knowledge and skills. You will also be required to pass a formal assessment at the end of the course.

Do we receive certificates?

On successful completion of the formal assessment, you will be awarded Pediatric First Aid certificate

How long does the certificate last?

It is valid for three years.

Where are the courses held?

You can choose to attend the pediatric First Aid course at any of our nationwide training centres. Call today for venue and course details.

For added convenience, we can also provide Pediatric First Aid training in-house, at your playgroup, school or nursery. This can be very convenient and cost effective, delivering training to multiple candidates in one go, in a venue that they are familiar with and can reach easily without traveling or staying overnight.

In-house courses have the added advantage of being tailored to your exact requirements, age group and childcare situation. Working with our team, you can design bespoke training that is uniquely relevant to your circumstances.

How much is the training?

We are confident that we can offer you a competitive price for convenient, tailored first aid training. Talk to our friendly team today on 0808 164 9690 and see how we can help you take better care of your team.

All prices exclude VAT.

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