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Manual Handling Training

You should choose this course if any aspect of your job involves the lifting and moving of heavy objects, equipment or people. Understanding the theory and practice of correct lifting techniques and risk assessments can help you avoid personal injury.

As an employer, you have an obligation to provide manual handling training to any staff involved, to ensure they understand the correct techniques to maintain health and safety in the workplace.


Manual handling can play a part in a wide range of jobs and activities, yet the correct skills and techniques are often overlooked, putting you at unnecessary risk of significant back and spinal injuries.

In just three hours, this course will give you the understanding of the anatomy, physiology and mechanics of lifting that you need to stay safe and lift sensibly, and explain the common sense measure you should take. It will also detail the most current regulations regarding your responsibilities when lifting.

 Is the 3 Hour Manual Handling Training Course right for me?

This course is right for you as a worker if you want to learn how to lift correctly and safely, and avoid injury.

This course is right for you as an employer if you want to protect the wellbeing of your staff. It will also help you to meet your obligations under heath and safety legislation.

What will I learn?

In as little as three hours, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of lifting, giving you an understanding of how injuries occur and how you can work more effectively to avoid them. It will help you to assess potential lifting situations to weigh up the risks. You will learn how to find alternatives, when to seek help and how and when to use lifting equipment.

What does the course cover?

The course is presented for you in six modules covering all aspects of heavy lifting, including:

A Introduction

Introducing the dangers of manual handling operations both to you and those around you, including:

  • An explanation of the phrases ‘manual handling’, ‘hazard’, ‘risk’ and ‘control measures’
  • Common causes of manual handling injury
  • Reducing the risk from manual handling injuries

B Manual handling hazards

Explaining how manual handling operations can cause injury and harm, including:

  • Outlining the types of injury caused by poor handling techniques and the types jobs commonly associated with these injuries
  • Detailingthe functions of the musculoskeletal system
  • Explaining the mechanics of movement
  • Listing the factors that increase the risk of harm.

C Legislation and guidance

Explaining the legal requirements of you and your employer when it comes to manual handling, including:

  • Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (as amended), Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.
  • HSE guidance publications

D Risk assessment

Assessing the risks from manual handling and the factors that need to be considered, such as:

  • Explain the terms ‘reasonably practicable’, ‘suitable and sufficient’, ‘competent person’ and ‘hierarchy of control’ in the context of manual handling risk assessment
  • Outline what should be considered during a manual handling risk assessment
  • Explain the requirement for recording and reviewing manual handling risk assessments
  1. Controls and reducing the risk of harm

Explaining how to control risks in manual handling, including:

  • Understanding the hierarchy of control
  • Recognising personal capability andknowing when to seek advice
  • The importance of preparation and planning
  • Controls that might be applied to reduce the risk of harm

F Manual handling techniques

Learning and demonstrating correct manual handling techniques, including:

  • Lifting low loads
  • Low level working
  • Pushing and pulling loads
  • Lowering loads from a height
  • Carrying loads
  • Handling loads as a team


The course normally takes just three hours, arranged at your convenience. However, each course is tailored to the individual industry and, in complex work situations, training may take up to a full day.

How am I assessed?

To complete the course, you will need to undergo a number of theoretical and practical tests throughout your training.


Once you have completed the course to the satisfaction of your instructor, you will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

Where is the 3 Hour Manual Handling Training Course held?

You can attend a Manual Handling Training Course at a number of appointed training centres across the UK, or we can arrange training in-house at your place of work.

In-house training offers excellent value for money, since it can be tailored to the precise demands of the workplace, demonstrating theories and techniques using actual work situations.

Bespoke in-house training can be arranged to suit your schedule, allowing more staff to attend at a lower cost. In-house training is not only more convenient, but staff often learn better in familiar surroundings, working with their colleagues and co-workers.

Cost for Manual Handling Training

We are confident that we can offer you a competitive price for convenient, tailored manual handling training. Talk to our friendly team today on 0808 164 9690 and see how we can help you take better care of your team.

All prices exclude VAT.

Upcoming Manual Handling Training Courses

Location Course name Individual price Group price Duration Date


Manual Handling Training Course

Individual price: £175
Group price: £395
Duration: 3 Hours Date: 27/05/2022


Manual Handling Training Course

Individual price: £175
Group price: £395
Duration: 3 Hours Date: 29/05/2022


Manual Handling Training Course

Individual price: £175
Group price: £395
Duration: 3 Hours Date: 31/05/2022


Manual Handling Training Course

Individual price: £175
Group price: £395
Duration: 3 Hours Date: 02/06/2022


Manual Handling Training Course

Individual price: £175
Group price: £395
Duration: 3 Hours Date: 04/06/2022


Manual Handling Training Course

Individual price: £175
Group price: £395
Duration: 3 Hours Date: 06/06/2022

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