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Who Can Deliver Fire Marshal Training?

From a legal stand point, anyone with sufficient knowledge, understanding and expertise can deliver fire marshal training. There is no requirement for your trainers to be accredited or formally approved by the Health and Safety Executive. However, in practice, it is advisable to choose your fire marshal trainers carefully, to ensure that your nominated fire marshals receive effective, up to date training that they can use can protect your people and your premises, both day to day and in an emergency situation.

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Becoming A Fire Marshal

How To Become A Fire Marshal

Fire marshals are normally volunteers from within the workforce, who step up to take extra responsibility in the event of a fire. If you would like to become a fire marshal, you should let your employer know. Normally there are enough volunteers to provide the required number of fire marshals, but if there are not, then your employer may ask you to consider becoming a fire marshal. You are not obliged to do so if you don’t want to, but the extra skills will help make you a more valuable employee at work and improve your CV if you ever want to change jobs. Becoming a fire marshal is also rewarding in itself, and it could even help you to save the life of a colleague or workmate.

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