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As a matter of legality, the designated employees acting as Fire Wardens in your workplace must receive full Fire Warden Training in order to take on the specific duties that are required of them. You can also take the course to improve your own knowledge and proficiency in this role. The Fire Warden course offered by CE Safety in the Wirral area is designed to give you the competence and the confidence that will enable you to handle any emergency fire-related situation and ultimately protect the safety of your team.

As an employer, the Fire Warden course will also enable you to fulfil your legal duties by providing sufficient fire safety provision in the workplace. For a number of years now, the CE Safety team has delivered Fire Warden training courses throughout the UK, including the Wirral area. Here at CE Safety, we offer reliable, expert training to many businesses in the Wirral area, helping many employees to acquire the skills to protect themselves, co-workers and their premises.

Here at CE Safety, we offer a range of occupational health and safety training courses across the UK, where we have established a track record in equipping companies’ and industries’ employees with comprehensive training in taking on fire safety responsibilities. With expertise and dedication, our professionals deliver practical training that provides each course attendee with all of the required fire safety skills and information. With CE Safety, every course attendee can enjoy support at every step of the training process.

What Does the Course Entail?

Our Fire Warden training courses in the Wirral area include comprehensive training led by our fire safety experts. We ensure that all Fire Warden legislation and regulation needs are fulfilled. You’ll be fully equipped in order to meet the legal obligations as stipulated by the 2005 Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.

CE Safety offer a range of Fire Warden training services, all of which have been of great benefit to organisations across numerous industries in the Wirral area. Every one of the Fire Wardens trained by our team of experts at CE Safety will be in a position to take charge in the event of any emergency fire-related situation at the workplace. We train all workplace Fire Wardens to work proactively to prevent the outbreak of fires, as well as working to raise the overall level of fire safety and awareness among other colleagues.

The range of training areas covered during the CE Safety Fire Warden course includes:

– Fire Risk Assessment

– Fire Prevention Measures

– Fire Alarm Systems

– Evacuation Drills

– Individual Company Fire Plan

The above areas will always be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your company whilst considering the equipment, materials and safety equipment that you have available. For any more information about the entire range of aspects we cover, you can visit the Fire Safety page on our site. You can also call CE Safety for a detailed conversion with a qualified member of our team.

Our Fire Warden training in the Wirral area is usually facilitated at your business premises due to its location-specific requirements. Learning within the actual work environment enables practical and relevant training to be delivered to the designated employees at your organisation. All of the attendees will receive a certificate on the completion of the course.

Our available team of professionals is always happy to engage in a detailed discussion with you regarding our Fire Warden training options, both in the Wirral and around the rest of the UK. For more information about the services that we offer, you can get in touch with CE Safety by phone or by filling out our online enquiry form today. Our dedicated team is at hand to equip your employees with the most effective range of fire safety training at very competitive prices.

Fire Safety Training in Birkenhead

Course nameIndividual priceGroup priceDurationDate

Fire Awareness Training (3 Hour Course)

Individual price: £200
Group price: £350
Duration: 3 HoursDate: 13/09/2018

3 Hour Fire Awareness Training

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Course nameIndividual priceGroup priceDurationDate

Fire Warden Training

Individual price: £200
Group price: £395
Duration: 4 HoursDate: 14/09/2018

Fire Marshal / Warden Training

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Course nameIndividual priceGroup priceDurationDate

Hot Work Permit Training (Hot Work Passport)

Individual price: £185
Group price: £0
Duration: 1 DayDate: 11/09/2018

Hot Work Passport

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